Monday, March 22, 2010

Flip Side to Blasé

It occurred to me this morning that there is a flip side to feeling blasé about something that I use to be really excited, or at times kind of overwhelmed about (like standing in line for the art show submission). And that is - I have successfully stretched myself and my comfort zone. Making room for new things to feel excited about, and new things to make me nervous and possibly even a bit overwhelmed about.

Which is a good thing. Because it assures me, that those things I am now feeling intimidated about - like calling people I don't know in an industry I don't know to see if they would like to have my art in their business - I will one day be blasé about those things as well. And have moved onto living in an even bigger world than I am currently in. And that is pretty awesome.

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  1. Absolutely right on Michelle! You have made an important discovery that will keep you well for the rest of your life....the only tricky thing is REMEMBERING it!!!!