Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funny Things I Hear At My Art Shows:

The Seduction, by Michelle Geromel ©
One of the fun things about an art festival or art show is hearing the positive and sometimes funny things people same about my art as they pass by.

The most common is when men and women both walk by and insist they are the model.  I will play along and tell everyone please to not let it out, that they were my model. This banter happens at least 5 times a day at an art festival. Normally everyone know we are joking, but once, this past spring, a Mom actually got a little hostile and really insisted that I must have some how gotten hold of her daughter’s photo shoot last month, because she had that exact same pink bra. This was funny considering, that I know the model quite well, and that bra actually had been black and I changed it to pink because I could. And, it takes me a heck of a lot longer than a few weeks to create most of my art, so it was also pretty outrageous of the Mom to be so upset. 

A lot of times women will insist that I have captured their lover perfectly.  Or the men will insist I have captured their wife or lover perfectly.  I always find this to be sweet. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a sucker for love.  

The funniest interaction was with a couple and their children, that actually ended up becoming friends after this - The little boy insisted that the couple embracing (The Seduction above) was Mommy and Daddy.  So I asked the little boy why that was - he said they were hugging.  Which is kind of what they were doing.  I thought it was great because the kid obviously saw his parents as affectionate and happy with each other.  Something not every child has the privilege of seeing. 

I once was at a show where across from me was a woman with beautiful, ruebinesque women.  More than once I heard “Before ...  After”.  I was never sure before and was after what. Although if the cupcakes I am sitting next to as I write this blog have there way as they silently call to me it will be before and after the cupcakes!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mourning the loss of film?

Golden Gate Bridge, By Michelle Geromel
I have heard my photographer friends bemoaning the change of film to digital. Indicating that no matter how advanced digital gets, it misses a depth and feel that film has. I wasn't really believing this until the other day when I picked up some pictures I had printed of pictures of Europe - some of which I took with digital, some of which I took with film. There is just something about the film, that makes things deeper, that the digital misses. 

Anyone else feel this way? Or see any other differences between digital and film?
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