Friday, March 5, 2010

Change You Creative Block, Change Your Construct

What I realized, sitting on my couch recently, after being highly productive in my studio, is that the BEST cure for creative block is a date or time spent with my guy. In that down time after the date, I have created some of my most original pieces, and effortlessly come up with the solution to creative problems that were bugging me for weeks.

When I was in college I decided that my art suffered any time I had a boyfriend. This is because every time I had a boyfriend, I would stop sketching. But what I now realize is - I stopped sketching, not because I stopped wanting to create - but because I was worried about what he might say about my art. (Which of course speaks volumes for my taste in men at the time.) I had been carry around this construct - that it was either art or a boyfriend - ever since.

So happy to have come to a different conclusion - and now that I think about it - better guys!

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